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Supporting Students of Falmouth Public Schools through Scholarship Awards

About FSA

Per our mission, our objective is to assist students who have been pupils of the Falmouth Public Schools who wish to pursue higher education studies. FSA has invested funds with Rockland Trust and Eastern Bank Wealth Management following a policy of growth and conservative growth. Early in May, the committee reviews applications and awards available funds.


On January 15, 1924, a group of people met at the home of Mrs. J.M. Watson to discuss the question of raising money for a scholarship fund to assist graduates of Lawrence High School in Falmouth toward a higher education. The meeting resulted in the birth of the Lawrence High School Scholarship Association and was later incorporated as a charitable organization for the purpose of raising funds for scholarships.

During World War I the L.H.S. junior and senior class had made gifts of $50 War Bonds to the school. The school presented those bonds to the association to fund the first scholarship in June 1924. The recipient of this $100 award was Cecelia Bowerman who, after graduating from Earlham College with a mathematics major, returned to become Falmouth’s Librarian. She served as the L.H. S.A. treasurer for ten years.

In the fiftieth year, 1974, there was discussion about changing the name of the Association because the name “Lawrence High School” had been changed to “Falmouth High School”. Alumni sentiment prevailed, but the wording “now serving Falmouth High School” was added.

In 1985 new bylaws were ratified. The Association is incorporated in Massachusetts as “The Lawrence High School Scholarship Association, Inc. and in 1982 was officially designated as a “tax-exempt” organization by the Internal Revenue Service. It seemed prudent to retain the original name but to become known as “The Scholarship Association of Falmouth.” Over the years many gifts and bequests have been received from alumni and others with strong ties to Falmouth. An annual mail appeal letter sent to businesses and individuals continues to yield monies and awareness of the financial challenges facing college-bound students. Over the past few years we have awarded nearly 100 scholarships annually.

In February 2022, the Board voted to change the name to “Falmouth Scholarship Association” to better reflect the purpose of serving the students of Falmouth.

An Executive Board of Officers and directors conduct the business of the Association throughout the year and the Annual Meeting for all members is held each June. It is hoped that the continued support of the community will enable the valuable work to continue.

Falmouth Scholarship Association is a registered 501(c)(3) organization IRS Tax ID 04-2463819

Lawrence High School of Falmouth
Lawrence High School of Falmouth

Board of Directors

Karen Bissonnette

Geoffrey Nickerson

Barbara Mitchell

Lisa Zmuda

Jeanne Antonucci

Tracey Crago

Alan Kazarian

Susan Netto

Nancy Porter

Henry St. Julien


Past Presidents

1924-1933 Rev. Henry Herbert Smythe
1933-1938 Rev. James Bancroft
1938-1948 George Hough Jr.
1948-1956 Arnold Dyer
1956-1971 Azel Young
1971-1978 James C.  Kinney (also Treasurer 1978-1981)
1978-1985 Jean B. MacDougall
1985-1990 John A. DeMello
1990-1991 Carl Phillips
1991-1994 Ronald Garcia
1994-2003 Rosemary O’Rourke
2003-2010 James E. Johnson
2010-2017 Otis M. Porter (also Treasurer 2007-2010)
2017-2022 Ronald Garcia
“Thank you for choosing me as the recipient of the Ugo J. Tassinari Memorial Scholarship. I appreciate the effort and care the scholarship committee makes to provide financial assistance to Falmouth seniors.
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